Gone Shopping is a film that expresses its maker’s concern for the spiritual death of her city folks.


Li Lin, I feel, has her finger on the pulse of the society she lives in.

Yasmin Ahmad, Malaysian filmmaker

Gone Shopping ... would make a good addition to any Asian-focused fest looking beyond the usual suspects like Royston Tan or Eric Khoo. Elegantly shot on HD, and with a semi-fairy-tale atmosphere, this is something small but fresh from Singapore’s tiny industry.

Derek Elley, Variety

Forever gives you the satisfaction of seeing it go where you want it to go and the result is Napoleon Dynamite meets Black Swan in Mandarin... Forever is not just a great local film, it's a great film full-stop.

Kurt Ganapathy, I-S Magazine

This music video is a huge win for representation in Singapore that's inclusive, without lazily narrowing Singaporeans down to stereotypes.

BURO 24/7 Singapore